Pula bike groups

Connect, enjoy and explore with Pula Bike Group Tours!

Are you a larger group seeking unforgettable experience and adventure filled with great memories of fun and exhilarating rides, breathtaking views  and meaningful connections? Pula Bike Group tours just might be your answer and excellent choice for You! Our Groups service accommodates a greater number of participants and provides extended durations for an immersive and unforgettable bike tour. Pula Bike offer an unparalleled bike tour experience that leaves you exhilarated at each destination. To make your experience truly whole and memorable, we partnered with other small local businesses and created a seamless combination of biking, boating and kayaking adventurous experience.

Activities we offer

We offer a wide range of outdoor activities that can be included in your bike tour or done separately. Adding a refreshing and fun swimming time with exciting cliff diving, relaxed panoramic boat cruising, exhilarating sea kayaking experience or snorkeling adventure turns a good tour into an exceptional one. Our activities are tailored to suit those with a sense of adventure as well as those who wish to enjoy at a more sedate pace!