Bespoke Tours

Introducing Bespoke Tours: Tailor-Made Experiences

Are you in search of an exclusive tour crafted specifically for your family and friends? Look no further! Pula Bike bespoke and private tours offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of group size, travel dates, and inclusions. The best part? You get to set the pace, whether it’s for a quick bite and a cold drink, sea plunge, a photo opportunity, or a restroom break – we have you covered. Tell us precisely how you envision your adventure, and we will personalize it to closely align with your desires.

Private Bike Tours: You have the option to exclusively book any of our existing ready-to-bike tours for your family or friends, or request a personalized date. Private tour prices depend on your group size and selected dates. For 8+ people we ensure 10% discount.

Bespoke Bike Tours: If you prefer a tailor-made bike tour, we are delighted to create a unique custom adventure just for you! We can customize various aspects of our bike tours or design an entirely new one that aligns with your interests, activity level, and preferences – from casual to extraordinary. Bespoke tour prices are determined based on your chosen tour elements and the number of the participants.

  • SCHEDULE: To be determined
  • TOUR DURATION: From 2 – 6 hrs
  • MEETING POINT: To be determined
  • MINIMUM 8 people
  • PRICE: To be determined