Bike tours faq

You have to be an adult (18+), and if you are not, you must have a parent or legal guardian present and must give permission for you to ride by signing the “Release, Waiver, and Liability Agreement”. This is standard paperwork that is filled out by every one of our riders.

In simple words,  Pula Bike is NOT responsible under any circumstances for accidents or damage caused to the renter or for accidents or damage which the renter causes to any third party or for cases of liability.

The renter should have coverage through his own accident and liability insurance.

For more details, please read carefully our Release, Waiver, and Liability Agreement.

The tours are FUN, relaxing, and informational. We typically have small intimate group sizes of 3-12 participants. Great way to spend time with friends, family, co-workers, and customers. Good for all levels of riders. Our tours are more than just cycling, we offer other FUN activities that vary depending on which tour you choose.

We offer cycling in combination with snorkeling, sea kayaking, or boat trips to the local islands and beaches.
The info on the specific tour pages will give you an idea of the tours and activities that we offer.

Our standard „half-day“ tours last from 3 to 5 hours and „full-day“ tours last 8 hours. We can also create custom tours for you of any duration and distance you like.

Our group size is never more than 10-12 riders. This allows us to give you personalized service, and the best tour experience possible. In order to operate, all tours are subject to a minimum number of participants.

FUN people! If you’re not FUN, better keep Googling. This may not the tour for you!

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If they are at least 10 years old, competent cyclists, and comfortable with some riding alongside traffic, then yes. Children younger than 10 are not suitable for the standard tours. Adults are responsible for children and their safety at all times. To be sure that your young child can do a bike tour, you should book a private tour for your family (all ages accepted on private tours, and we have a range of bikes to suit).

Not on standard tours. This is possible on a private tour only.

Our tours do sell out and riders’ posts are limited, so to guarantee your spot(s) we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.

Booking a tour is simple! For advance booking send us a request using our Tour inquiry form or an e-mail and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
For last-minute booking simply give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you

As we don’t accept debit/credit cards your cash payment is more than welcome.

Yes, Pula Bike will tailor a private tour or event based on the unique needs of your group. The end result is a tremendous and unique experience for your group. Check out our Groups page to find an experience that suits your needs.

Yes, we do, for bigger groups, a bigger discount!

On our bike tours, you will ride on brand new „Advanced“ and/or „Standard“ bikes model.

Sure, we welcome you to bring your own comfortable ride, but ours are in good shape, too. There is no discount for bringing your own bike.

For each bike tour, we offer a starting point that is different. We don’t operate from the tour center!

Please, check specific tour info for details, and/or we will send you detailed instructions on how to arrive at the starting point by car, taxi, or public transport.

Yes, on every starting point there is plenty of unrestricted free parking and paid parking as well.

Please arrive at least 20 mins before your tour is due to start. We try and get away on time so if you’re late, you could miss out.

If the other riders are on bikes and ready to go, we have to respect their time and cannot delay their departure more by than 10 minutes. If you are running late, you can try to contact us at +385 977 378 077. Depending on the circumstances we may be able to wait for you.

We have a large team of tour guides who are specialists in many different languages. All our guides are super friendly and are trained in Pula and Istria knowledge, history, safety, leadership, and customer service.

All tours are narrated in English, German and Italian language.

Yes, that’s the whole idea. They will stop at major sights and tell you what you’re looking at and interesting stories about it, plus giving you info about city life today.

Tipping is a great reflection of how much you enjoyed touring with your tour guide.

We go at a leisurely pace, with plenty of time for photographs. if you can ride a bike, you won’t get left behind.

Don’t worry, our guides are trained to fix punctures and small mechanical problems. We’ll have you back on the road in no time.

Clothing suitable for the weather, enclosed footwear, swimming suit, sun hat, sunblock lotion, beach towel, slippers, cash, and positive vibe! For all the rest we’ll think about.

You could bring a small backpack for items that you can’t fit in your pockets.

No. We provide helmets free of charge and strongly recommend you wear one, but it’s not the law in Croatia. (Helmet is required only for up to 16 years old kids)

Yes, for most tours you can leave your backpack in our support vehicle. If you leave items with us, all care but no responsibility will be taken for them.

On all our bike tours we provide a bottle of water of 0,5 l or an isotonic drink of 0,75 l.

Our season starts in April and runs through October. During the off-peak, we are subject to passenger demand and weather conditions. During the peak (July & August) we run up to 3 tours a day.

Rule #1 in the Pula, never listen to the weatherman! In the event, a tour is canceled due to bad weather (thunderstorms & lightning) we will contact you as early as possible to reschedule your tour. If we cannot reschedule you, your money will be refunded in full. We still ride rain or shine – In the event of rain, Pula Bike provides ponchos to every rider for FREE! It’s the least we can do.

Tour may be canceled due to severe weather. The activity usually runs in light rain and other moderate weather conditions, we may cancel the tour up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If we cancel the tour, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability) if no reschedules tour is available the funds will be refunded.

We understand plans change while on vacation. Should you need to cancel, we require 48 hours’ notice for a full refund. Just want to reschedule? Not a problem! Give us at least 48 hours’ notice to ensure we can place you on the tour that best suits your needs and your deposit rolls into your new reservation. Cancellations that are not due to bad weather or an act of God with less than 48 hours before the tour departure time, forfeit the deposit for purchased ticket(s) price. Sorry, you’ll be missing a great time.

We would love to hear about your experience after the tour. We also love honest feedback on or Google! You may even post your comments to our Facebook page with any appropriate pictures or videos you might send too!