Enhance your biking experience with our wide range of premium bike accessories available for rent. Whether you’re looking to increase comfort, improve safety, or add functionality to your ride, we have the perfect accessories to meet your needs. From helmets, bike locks, baskets, lights toracks, pannier bags, child seats and trailers, our high-quality accessories are designed to enhance both your convenience and enjoyment. Renting bike accessories from us is a convenient and cost-effective way to customize your cycling adventure. Simply choose the accessories that suit your preferences, and we’ll ensure they’re ready for you when you pick up your bike. Elevate your ride with Pula Bike exceptional bike accessories and make the most of your cycling experience.

  • Bike rack: 37,67 Kn/€5
  • Child seat: 52,74 Kn/€7
  • Computer: 52,74 Kn/€7
  • Front basket: 30,14 Kn/€4
  • Helmet: 30,14 Kn/€4
  • Light set: 37,67 Kn/€5
  • Panniers: 52,74 Kn/€7
  • Repair kit: 30,14 Kn/€4
  • SPD Pedals: 37,67 Kn/€5

Accessories prices are per day. All images used are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.